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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Loving caring pro-choicers are now killing women by selling abortion pills on the internet.

Women are buying abortion pills on the internet and many are dying or almost dying. Look here.

A Chinese student who illegally imported abortion pills and sold them on the internet is the first person convicted for blackmarket abortions in New Zealand in more than 40 years. Abortion Supervisory Committee chairwoman Lesley Rothwell has applauded the landmark prosecution, saying women risked "catastrophic consequences", such as death, sterilisation or septic abortions, by having abortions without proper medical care. The risks were higher if women had undiagnosed pelvic infections, including sexually transmitted diseases. Over the past 18 months, the Sunday Star-Times has highlighted several cases of women haemorrhaging and nearly dying from incomplete miscarriages after taking abortion pills they bought on the internet or imported. "We hope there will be more prosecutions and we hope the sentence will signal this is not acceptable for women and for women's health," Rothwell said. Zinfeng Zhu (also known as Kelly Zhu), 24, of Auckland, faces a maximum seven-year jail term after admitting in Auckland District Court this month to illegally supplying the means to procure abortions from January to December last year. She also faces a maximum $40,000 fine and six months' jail after admitting seven charges of illegally selling prescription medicines, including the abortion pill Mifepristone, oral contraceptives and morning-after pills.


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