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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pro-abortion reporter says teens can't be interviewed with without parental consent.

You can stick a suction device inside her to kill her unborn, but she can't be interviewed for a newspaper? Also notice that she claims women are targeted by white men. But she fails to mention that unborn babies are targeted by pro-choicers. And that blacks and Indians were targets of Planned Parenthood.

Escape from South Dakota

As a journalist I know we need to seek out the girls in South Dakota. We need to interview them and profile them in the coming months as the ban takes effect. The only problem is, you can't interview teenagers without parental consent. The girls we most need to find are the ones who are hidden from us, staring into bathroom mirrors, wondering what they are going to do, wondering if this is a life inside them, or a sickness, a punishment. When you have a kid, on some essential level you disappear and fate takes over. Your internal life fragments and you are unrecognizable to yourself. You become focused on this creature (that is, if you are not a narcissist or a sociopath). This disappearance of the self is a key to the real truth about the right-to-life movement: It's not really a matter of protecting the unborn; it's a matter of making girls and women disappear. For the right-to-lifers, sexual women need to be stopped, erased, reconfigured, terminated. So it is strangely appropriate that the one ray of light in the South Dakota story comes from a population also targeted for termination by white men.


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