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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Planned Parenthood lures teens with free iPods.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Centers Lure Teens With iPods, Movie Tickets by Steven EditorMarch 30, 2006 San Francisco, CA ( -- Teenagers in the United States are having abortions in fewer numbers than at any time since Roe v. Wade and are more pro-life than older Americans. That means fewer customers for Planned Parenthood, but the abortion business has come up with a corporate marketing plan to lure teens with free iPods and movie tickets. Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, the center that gave teenager Holly Patterson the dangerous abortion drug that killed her, is leading the way with the new marketing scheme. Anyone who makes an appointment at one of the eight PPGG centers before April 30, 2006, can enter to win an iPod. A poster announcing another Planned Parenthood program, called “Tell-A-Friend,” includes a photograph of a teenage girl whispering into the ear of another teen and telling. The text of the ad reads: "Get free movie tickets? Yes. When you tell a friend about Planned Parenthood." "These are some of the schemes Planned Parenthood is using to lure teenagers into its deadly facilities,” said Douglas Scott, president of Life Decisions International, a group that organizes boycotts of companies that contribute to the abortion business. “Now which age group is most likely to be swayed by this kind of gimmick?” Scott asked. “This incentive is clearly aimed at young people.” “Planned Parenthood has resorted to common corporate tactics in an effort to get young people to encourage their peers to voluntarily become the pro-abortion group's new victims," he said. In the tell a friend campaign, teens are asked to obtain a special card at a Planned Parenthood center or download one from their web site. The promoter gets two free movie passes redeemable at any United Artist theater and the friend receives $10 off her first visit. Other Planned Parenthood abortion businesses other than PPGG are using the campaign as well, including the Planned Parenthood ffiliate network in Colorado. Scott said the cards are also offensive because they include graphics from a cartoon video PPGG produced calling for violence against pro-life advocates. A superhero in the cartoon asks abortion advocates to participate in the "elimination" of pro-life people and shoots them with a ray gun. "Just like any other business, a key target group for Planned Parenthood is young people,” Scott said. "And once a teenager is hooked, he or she can prove to be a good source of income for many years to come.” LDI is currently investigating to determine if United Artists donated the tickets to Planned Parenthood or if they were purchased by the group. The pro-life group has not yet called for a boycott of the movie theater company.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are seriously demented and sick and twisted kimberlydobbs!!!! You claim you ar sharing "news" but all you are doing is regurgitating (oh sorry was tat too big a word for your simple mind???) what you read in extreme right-wing conservative publications. Way to show all sides. Try finding some unbiased news sources and maybe people may take you slightly seriously. You are so friggin stupid!!!!!!!

9:35 PM  
Blogger 4077 said...

I never claimed to know it all. In the last few days I posted from the Washington Post two or three times. I post news articles from them all the time. So much so one pea once guessed I must live near DC. I also posted from the Boston Globe in the last couple of days.

9:13 AM  

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