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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Left wing racist black comedian is all the rage in Paris.

From an interview

Ironically, in 2000 Dieudonné received a special UN award for "demonstration of goodwill and fighting against racism," in recognition of his political efforts on behalf of the homeless and unemployed and the downtrodden in France. Those who bestowed this honor on him might very well blush to hear just some of the things Dieudonné was subsequently quoted as saying. In early 2002, for example, when America was still licking its wounds from the Twin Towers attack, he saw fit to declare in an interview that, in his view, "bin Laden is the most important personality in contemporary history. He stands alone against the biggest power in the world." Nor did Dieudonné hesitate to go on praising the mass murderer. "It's impossible not to admire his actions and I definitely prefer bin Laden's charisma to that of George Bush." Soon after the interview, which caused a big stir, he was questioned on suspicion of promoting terror, but exonerated. The State Prosecutor declined to accept the ruling, but the appeal was denied a year later, with this explanation: "The things that were said are indeed grave and serious, but not to the degree that requires punishment, because of the freedom of speech anchored in the law." Dieudonné went on indiscriminately dropping his bombshells. His harsh treatment of Israel and Jews certainly was cranked up a notch in that infamous television sketch on France 3 in which he appeared in the garb of an ultra-Orthodox Jew with long sidelocks and called on French Muslims "to convert and join the American-Zionist axis of good if they want to improve their quality of life." It was an obvious dig at the "axis of evil" term coined by Bush. Clad in his ultra-Orthodox costume, Dieudonné accused another guest on the program, a well-known Muslim entertainer, of being a dangerous terrorist and demanded that he remove his coat to show that he wasn't hiding a bomb on his body. Before exiting the stage, Dieudonné gazed directly into the camera and bid farewell to the audience with a Nazi-style salute, as he shouted "Isra-Heil!"

Later in same article

In his view, the new direction taken by Dieudonné in recent years is a consequence of cold and calculated career considerations, not part of a neat ideological doctrine. "I think he is acting out of feelings of revenge for never having received the sort of public recognition he felt he deserved," says Camus. "During the 1990s, he joined the battle against the extreme right. He ran in a local election against a candidate from Le Pen's National Front and was one of the founders of the 'Euro-Palestine' list that took part in the elections for the European Parliament. Not long ago, he also said publicly that he would run as a candidate in the presidential elections two years from now with the aim of changing the order of social priorities. For various reasons, he apparently concluded that French society and the political world didn't show him enough gratitude for his efforts. Out of this disappointment has grown the faith that the ones responsible for his being ignored are the Jews, who according to the traditional legend control the media and wove a conspiracy against him. This was a long and ongoing process that blossomed gradually on the margins and whose unfortunate consequences we can see today."


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