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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How pro-choicers really feel about back alley abortionists.

Pro-choicers are always bringing up the horrors of back alley abortions. If back alley abortions were so bad wouldn't back alley abortionists be the scum of the earth? Does anyone disagree? Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore must because Heather Booth the founder of JANE one of the largest back alley abortion groups of all time was an advisor to all three. And Booth was leader in the Democratic National Committee for years. This women may have killed women with her back alley abortions and yet she is rewarded. Pro-choicers loved the back alley abortionsts so much they written glowing books about JANE and other back alley abortionists. Books that claim they were heroes. There is a movie about JANE that portrays them as heroes. JANE had non doctors give abortions. And some claimed to the pregnant women they were doctors when they weren't. Yet the members of JANE are heroes. According to pro-choicers.


Blogger Mary E. said...

Interesting. I just read that book about a year ago. I had no idea they were advising those politicians but it makes sense.

1:33 PM  
Blogger 4077 said...

Why should someone who claims back alley abortions kill women women have advisers that were back alley aboertionists?

10:21 AM  

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