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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Planned Parenthood telling women to take RU-486 against FDA approved regimen costs two more women's lives.

Planned Parenthood had been prescribing vaginal insertion of misoprosto even though it was not approved by the FDA. Aproved regimen The approved Mifeprex regimen for a medical abortion through 49 days' pregnancy is:* Day One: Mifeprex Administration: 3 tablets of 200 mg of Mifeprex orally at once* Day Three: Misoprostol Administration: 2 tablets of 200 mcg of misoprostol orally at once.* Day 14: Post-Treatment: the patient must return to confirm that a complete termination has occurred. If not, surgical termination is recommended to manage medical abortion treatment failures.* The safety and effectiveness of other Mifeprex dosing regimens, including use of oral misoprostol tablets intravaginally, has not been established by the FDA. Now after two more women died recently adding up to at least six in California PP says they will change their ways. But still women will die because some experts say mifepristone impairs the immune response allowing women to die of infection.


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