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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Roe Attorney to Bill Clinton: Use Abortion to Kill Poor Americans

A letter to Bill Clinton written by the co-counsel who successfully argued the Roe v. Wade decision urged the then-president-elect to "eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of our country" by liberalizing abortion laws. Ron Weddington, who with his wife Sarah Weddington represented "Jane Roe," sent the four-page letter to President Clinton's transition team before Clinton took office in January 1993.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Safe legal abortion clinic shows what high class medicial care abortion clinics provide.


"Four of 10 sampled patients did not have a physician present," said Dr. Don Williamson, state health officer. "There were multiple violations of rules over multiple days." Besides the woman who went to a hospital and had a stillborn infant, there were five patients whose records do not show that a determination was made on fetal viability. "The rules require that viability be determined, and that a notation be made in the medical records," Williamson said. "In five other patients it was not documented." State law requires that abortion clinics begin testing for fetal viability in the 20th week. The State Board of Health issued an emergency order of license suspension Wednesday against Summit Medical Center of Alabama, 1801 14th Ave. South. Friday's report included other problems found during an investigation conducted from April 17 to May 12. "The complete statement of deficiencies does highlight the gravity of the situation," Williamson said. The suspension order said that a patient went to Summit on Feb. 20 and received an ultrasound administered by a nonphysician in violation of state rules for such facilities. She was told by a Summit staff member she was six weeks pregnant. The same day, the clinic gave her a dose of Mifeprex, or RU-486, an abortion-inducing drug, also without a physician administering it as required. The patient had a "critical and dangerously high" blood pressure reading of 182/129, the suspension order said. On Feb. 26, the patient went to the emergency room at a Birmingham hospital "with the head of a baby protruding" and delivered a "stillborn, macerated, six pound, four ounce baby," according to the suspension order.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Abortionist claims killing the unborn is the work God told her to do.

In an article titled Viewing abortion as "a moral good" Marcy Bloom said

"I see this as the work God sent me to do,"


Loving caring pro-choicers are now killing women by selling abortion pills on the internet.

Women are buying abortion pills on the internet and many are dying or almost dying. Look here.

A Chinese student who illegally imported abortion pills and sold them on the internet is the first person convicted for blackmarket abortions in New Zealand in more than 40 years. Abortion Supervisory Committee chairwoman Lesley Rothwell has applauded the landmark prosecution, saying women risked "catastrophic consequences", such as death, sterilisation or septic abortions, by having abortions without proper medical care. The risks were higher if women had undiagnosed pelvic infections, including sexually transmitted diseases. Over the past 18 months, the Sunday Star-Times has highlighted several cases of women haemorrhaging and nearly dying from incomplete miscarriages after taking abortion pills they bought on the internet or imported. "We hope there will be more prosecutions and we hope the sentence will signal this is not acceptable for women and for women's health," Rothwell said. Zinfeng Zhu (also known as Kelly Zhu), 24, of Auckland, faces a maximum seven-year jail term after admitting in Auckland District Court this month to illegally supplying the means to procure abortions from January to December last year. She also faces a maximum $40,000 fine and six months' jail after admitting seven charges of illegally selling prescription medicines, including the abortion pill Mifepristone, oral contraceptives and morning-after pills.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Another woman has been found to have died from medical abortion.

Another woman has been found who has died for the so called safe medical abortion. At least seven have died. Most in California.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Al Gore once again proves what an extremist he really is.

Al Gore is inviting people to view his global warming documentary. Al is the same Al gore who promoted the 1990 version of the book "The Population Bomb". This book called for putting chmicals in the water to control population. Gore's words on the jacket of the book ""The time for action is due, and past due. The Ehrlichs have written the prescription....". Al Gore owns a Zinc mine on his own land that has been fined countless times for pollution. His family owns millionms of dollars in an oil company stock. And his dad ran the largest coal mine company in the world. Gore is such a hypocrite.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Japan is paying the price for a lack of moral fiber.

Paying the price for a lack of moral fiber show how a lack of moral fiber is causing many problems for Japan.

"The other day," says gynecologist Tsuneo Akaeda, who offers free weekly nighttime health consultations in Tokyo's Roppongi, "a third-year junior high school girl came to me; she wanted an abortion. 'It's my third one,' she said, bold as brass. Then there was another girl, a senior high school girl. She too wanted an abortion. 'I can't do it,' I told her, 'without your boyfriend's consent.' 'Oh!' she said. 'But . . . I have a lot of boyfriends. I don't know which is the father.' 'Well,' I said, 'you know roughly when you became pregnant. Doesn't that narrow it down?' 'Not really -- around then I was making it with two guys at the same time .


Read a chapter of "White Ghetto" Star Parker's explosive new book.

Read a chapter of Star Paker's explosive new book "White Ghetto"


Thursday, May 04, 2006

PolkaDottie says "I do not use the term "prolife". I use "anti-choice". "

She also posted

Many people who call themselves "pro life" are severely embarassed by people who give themselves that title that also support the death penalty. Pro-life should refer to being pro life 100% of the time. It doesn't matter whether or not you feel a baby is an innocent being and a criminal deserves to pay for his crime. If you don't like abortion, you're anti choice. if you like hte death penalty, you are pro-capital punishment. The term "pro-life" should not refer to abortion alone. its just one case of an issue about "life". I am pro-choice on abortion, and anti-death penalty.
I asked her "Are you against any abortions? Do you support late term abortions or abortions because the unborn baby is female" And then I posted "If you are against any abortions at all even late term abortions done just before birth you polkadottie are anti-choice." I got no reply.

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